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Name:Prince Vlad, Dracula
Birthdate:Oct 29

~ Prince. Warrior. Vampire. Legend. ~

Dracula is both man and monster.

The man was born into a noble Wallachian house in the Carpathian mountains in the fifteenth century. He spent his days beneath the sun defending Christendom, his lands, and his people from the invading Ottoman horde. To this day, his people remember and sing his praises, despite the lies perpetrated by his enemies.

How he became a monster is a mystery shrouded in darkness. Some tell a tale about a beautiful and devoted wife, Elizabeta, who waited for him to return from his bloody campaign, and upon hearing a mistaken rumor of his death, hurled herself to her death off the castle parapets into the raging river below.

Upon hearing of his wife's death and in a fit of inconsolable rage, it is said that the Prince renounced his faith, impaling his family's crucifix with his sword. The cross was pierced, and spilled a river of blood across the chapel's stone floor. The very statues surrounding the altar wept tears of blood. The Prince took up the holy chalice to catch and drink that blood and from that day forth, he could take no other sustenance.

The year is now 1897 on his side of the door. The Prince is now known as Count, and with the help of one Jonathan Harker, he has come to the bustling metropolis of London. He has seen the reincarnation of his one true love in the face of Jonathan's fiancée, Mina Murray, and he intends to make her his own again, heedless of the cost.

He has the power to read a man's mind, to obfuscate his senses, to speak to his dreams. His strength is that of twenty men and he can appear to assume many forms. He has the power to control the weather and to ignore gravity. He can also walk in the day, though he prefers to avoid direct sunlight, and his loathing of crucifixes has more to do with his disgust with God than any supernatural power.

[Mun is also reserving the right to reboot to the original source canon.]
Vlad Dracul is from Bram Stoker's Dracula. The character and the novel are in the public domain. This journal is for role-playing purposes only in [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] mixed_muses. No infringement on existing copyrights is intended and no profit is being made.

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